We mainly focus on process and technical improvements with the occasional discussion about workplace happiness and motivation. If all knowledge and creative work is coming from the brain, why don’t we focus there? In this episode host Troy Lightfoot interviews Bio Hacking Expert Siim about how to optimize brain performance for individuals and what the effect might be on agile teams and organizations.


Siim’s Youtube Channel

Siim’s Website

Siim’s Patreon

Body Mind Empowerment Podcast


Other Sources Mentioned:

NAD Study Mentioned

Sleep Tracking App Mentioned 

Oura Ring (Code: SLIIMLAND) for $50 Off. 

Sleep Mask Mentioned

Blue Light Blocking Glasses Mentioned

https://panda.salk.edu (Circadian Rhythm Research)

https://youtu.be/7fHpB2_m9rA (Navy Seal Research)

https://realketones.com/products/kegenix-prime (Exogenous Ketones Mentioned)

Keto BodyBuilding (Siim’s Book)

Keto Fasting Effortlessly (Siim’s Book)

Keto Nutrition (Siim’s Book)

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