Thank god Jeff Gothelf became a broke musician :-).  Being fed up with his music career, Jeff entered the world of user design and set forth his journey of discovery of Lean UX and product discovery.  Jeff is the author of the industry groundbreaking books Lean UX and his latest work Sense and Respond.

Jeff spends a perfect amount of time speaking with Colleen Johnson and Andrew Leff about shifting from outputs to outcomes – one of his core principles in product discovery.  Jeff describes outcome measures when teams begin to see shipping a feature as the beginning of the process.  He posits that measures do not have value until you shift customer behavior.

Jeff describes the discovery phase as the catalyst for moving from doubt to certainty.  And is realized when we work in small batches and remove waste; but with a humble reality we might be wrong.

Jeff also spends time discussing the intent of Roadmaps vs. financial planning, and how both have value but are not synonyms.

Jeff also mentions his talk “Scaling the values”, you can find links to these talks below:

Mind the Product

Medium Post

You can find Jeff all over the place, but specifically:





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